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Jim O’Donnell was at a library conference in Singapore when his Ipad’s Google Play app asked him to update it. This was the app through which he had bought 30 to 40 ebooks, and after the app had updated, it started to re-download them. However, Singapore is not one of the countries where the Google Play bookstore is active, so it stopped downloading and told him he was no longer entitled to his books.

It’s an odd confluence of travel, updates, and location-checking, but it points out just how totally, irretrievably broken the idea of DRM and region-controls for ebooks is.

Meanwhile, someone who got those books some other way, perhaps from a certain Bay, for example, would be able to read them anywhere on the planet, as long as that hypothetical person had electricity.

DRM is stupid, broken, punishes honest people, does nothing to deter piracy, and will never be used by me in any way as long as I am publishing my own works.

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Book on Book, designed by TENT, is a transparent acrylic book paperweight to hold down the pages of a book from flipping as you enjoy tea and sweets outdoors while you read.


and it protects your books from your tears

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Neil Gaiman: On disappointment and books: rebloggable by request...


I’m scared to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane because I feel like my expectations are so high that it can’t possibly live up to them (which is, 100% my own weird issue and not at all yours, and of course, I’m sure I’m wrong because you’ve never disappointed me even a little bit). I’ve had…

How can he make disappointment inspiring?

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* N E R D G A S M *

Please watch this now.

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He must make it to the top ten of next gen geek & sundry vloggers! Look at those crazy eyes!